ICCW Scrutinising Agency for inter-county Adoptions
During the early eightics in the absence of a clear-cut system,
the Supreme Court of India intervened and laid down
specific norms for inter-country adoption. All subordinate
courts were directed to follow the comprehensive
procedures laid down. ICCW was designated as a
recognised Scrutinising Agency and the Supreme
Court authorised it to scrutinise cases pertaining
to intra and inter-country adoption.
In the Supreme Court of India Original
Jurisdiction Writ Petition (CRL.)
No. 1171 / 1982
The object of giving notice to the Indian Council for
Child Welfare is to ensure that the application of parents
is properly and carefully scrutinised and evaluated by an
expert body having experience in the area of child welfare with
a view to assisting the Court in coming to the conclusion whether
it will be in the interest of the child, promotive of its welfare,
whether such adoption will provide moral and material security
to the child with an opportunity to grow into the full stature
of its personality in an atmosphere of love and affection and
warmth of a family. This procedure can help considerably to
reduce, if not eliminate, the possibility of the child being adopted
by unsuitable or undesirable parents, of being placed in a
family where it may be neglected, maltreated or exploited
by the adoptive parents.
The Indian Council for Child Welfare scrutinises the Adoption and Guardianship
cases in several states of the country in pursuance of this direction
of the Supreme Court of India.

While some State Councils have also been scrutinising adoption cases,
the State Councils that run adoption homes are barred from adoption
scrutiny to prevent possible malpractice.
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