Toys, Clothes and Books
New banking for Children
"Children outgrow their clothes and toys so fast
Sharing these with other children will make the pleasure last"
The Toys/Clothes/Books Bank for children was set up by ICCW
in its premises in the year 1998 with the objective of
helping children in need.
Started with assistance from the Central Social Welfare Board,
the project is now being implemented by ICCW from its own resources. As the name suggests, the Bank provides both new and used toys/clothes/ books etc. collected through donations and distributes to children in need, either directly or through NGOs.
The Bank has also actively contributed to relief activity for the victims of natural calamities in Gujarat and Orissa.
The collection for the Bank has been mostly received from
individual donors, schools and companies. Over the last
three years the Bank received 47,206 Toys/Clothes/Books
and conducted distribution of these benefiting 64 different
NGOs and 21,691 - people mostly children. The Bank is
being looked after by a Co-ordinator and a Helper who undertake regular visits to schools inviting donations from the children/students. They also carry out the distribution effectively ensuring that the items reach the beneficiaries. The Bank has been successful in reaching out to various people while at the same time evoking positive responses from them. The Bank brings smiles
to the underprivileged. Donors include students, individuals,
publishers, toy manufacturers.
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