Rules and Conditions
1. Applications should be sent in duplicate.
2. Applications must be recommended by at least two of the listed competent authorities (see Note 6)
3. Applications which are incomplete or not authenticated by the Competent Authorities
or not supported by the relevant documents will not be entertained.
4. A write up of about 250 words giving the details of the deed performed by the applicant, either in English or Hindi
should be attached separately, preferably endorsed by the Competent Authorities recommending the application.
Accounts of deeds or any other information/enclosures in the regional/local language should be
accompanied by a translation in Hindi or English duly verified by the Competent Authorities.
5. The detailed description of the deed should clearly give the steps taken by the rescuer performing the act.
For example, in cases pertaining to drowning, the depth/width of the pond/river etc. must be mentioned.
It should also be explicitly stated whether the applicant knows swimming or not.
In other cases pertaining to rescue from fall, the height of the structure must be mentioned.
6. Competent Authorities means the following:
a.   Principal/Headmaster of school in which the applicant is studying or Head of Panchayat/Zila Parishad
b.   General Secretary or President of the State Council for Child Welfare.
c.   Collector/ DM/ Govt. Official of equivalent rank
d.   Supdt. of Police of the area or Police Official of higher rank.
7. Last date of submission of application is September 30.
8. Incidents which have occurred between July 1 and June 30, every year will be considered for the awards.
The Selection Committee may at its discretion relax the date by a maximum of three months prior to July 1, if it so deems fit.
9. The applicant should not be below 6 years of age and above 18 years of age on the date of the incident.
10. Applications not submitted in the prescribed proforma and or within the stipulated time are liable to be rejected.
11. Applications once rejected will not be entertained again.
12. The Selection Committee may at its discretion consider relaxation of any of the conditions/rules if it so deems fit.
13. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final.
14. If at any time it is found that the information/documents which formed the basis
for considering the applicant for the Award are false, appropriate action will be initiated.
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