Getting Children off the Street
- an integrated programme
Indian Council for Child Welfare commenced its
Street Children Project in 1994 in Delhi
with financial assistance from the Government of India.
The Project is at present run by the Council from its own resources.
The objective of the programme is the holistic development
of children to facilitate their withdrawal from a life
on the streets, protect their rights and rehabilitate
them through community based services.
Our target group is children (6 - 16 years)
especially vulnerable to abuse and exploitation
such as children of sex workers and children of pavement dwellers.
ICCW offers counselling, guidance and referral services
to neglected children aimed at their eventual
withdrawal from a life on the street.
Activities are organised for children to impart literacy,
and life skills education and vocational training.
Supplementary nutrition and recreation facilities are provided.
Visits are carried out periodically
to encourage parents to enroll their children in school.
ICCW became a member of Delhi Child Rights Club
to protect the Rights of Children and create awareness.
Children from our Project participate in various
diverse activities organised by the club such as drawing, painting,
sports competition and have won prizes.
Children also actively participate in meetings and workshops
organised by various NGOs.
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