Patrons in Chief from Inception
I congratulate all the workers in the field of child welfare on their labour of love in this noble task and wish them all success in their respective activities which are aimed at making the life of our children full of joy."
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
"We must strengthen in the child the spirit of sympathy, compassion and fellow-feeling. We must train him or her to believe that hatred, pride and violence are wrong and self-effacement, self-abnegation and service are right."
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
"In the healthy upbringing of our children from the earliest age lies the future greatness of our country. Let each one of us, therefore, resolve to make it possible for every child to be given his basic right of good health, both physical and moral. Good manners and clean living will follow as a natural concomitant. The future greatness of our country depends to an immeasurable extent on the way in which our children are nurtured and taught."
Dr. Zakir Hussain
"In our country the woman has always occupied a high place and her work is no less important than the work of man. We have to bring up our children in a way that they may become worthy citizens of a great country.
I send my love and blessings to the children and wish the Council every success in its efforts."
Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
"Children constitute the real wealth of a nation. The welfare of children particularly belonging to the weaker sections of our society needs special attention so that they may grow up to their full stature in a healthy atmosphere. I congratualte the Council on the good work it has been doing towards the welfare of children."
Zail Singh
"Just as morning shows the day, the state of a society and its progress is reflected through its children. We must remind ourselves of our duty in creating a sound domestic environment for the healthy growth of children both in body and in mind. They are valuable assets of our nation and the future depends upon their progress and welfare."
R. Venkataraman
"The children of today will determine the future of our country tomorrow. We have, therefore, to accord high priority to their health and education and to their development as good citizens of India. I am glad that dedicated voluntary organizations like the Indian Council for Child Welfare are working steadfastly in this direction. I wish the endeavours of the Council every success."
Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma
"India's ICDS programme is the largest such programme in the world for the welfare of children. It has achieved remarkable results. In pursuing its goal it has succeeded in enlisting the support of voluntary organisations and the people generally. I am glad to know that on the occasion of the Children's Day celebrations Indian Council for Child Welfare is focussing on the theme of Integrated Child Development Services."
K.R. Narayanan
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