Memorandum of Association of the
Indian Council For Child Welfare
The name of the Association is the “Indian Council for Child Welfare”, hereinafter referred to as the “Council” and its principal office shall be in New Delhi.
The names of the persons who are the first Members of the Council, as on the date of this Memorandum, are as described in Schedule I, which also forms part of the Memorandum. They shall continue as such for such period and on such terms as are set out in the Rules and Regulations of the Council;
A copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Association is filed with this Memorandum of Association and the undersigned being eight of the Members on this date do hereby certify that it is a correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Council.
As witness our several and respective hands and signatures on this thirtieth day of
May, 1952.
Amrit Kaur
Indira Gandhi
Sharda Luthra
Hannah Sen
Rajan Nehru
B.H. Mehta
Gangaram Kaula
Ammu Swaminathan
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