• To receive grants, donations, fees or subscription and to manage and administer the funds at the disposal of the Council;
  • To acquire, receive and hold property both movable and immovable including securities and negotiable instruments;
  • To purchase, construct, manage and alter buildings and to equip them suitably for the purpose of the Council;
  • To manage, sell, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose off or deal with property of any kind which may be at the disposal of the Council;
  • To enter into contracts for and in connection with the
    pursuance of any of the purposes of the Council;
  • To raise moneys and funds by borrowing or otherwise as may be deemed fit for and on behalf of the Council;
  • To perform all such acts as may be necessary or proper for the achievement of any or all of the objectives of the Council.
  • To include the welfare of women to meet the above aims and objectives.
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