Promoting and facilitating the adoption of Children
"If every family needs a child, every child too needs a family."
Adoption is the most appropriate form of rehabilitation
for the destitute, abandoned & relinquished child.
It provides permanency placing of biologically unrelated children in an alternate
nurturing loving family environment.
Finding the best parents for a child, has been
ICCW's agenda since its inception.
ICCW has been active in mobilising public opinion in favour
of statutory safe guards for orphaned and abandoned children.
It has provided information on various aspects of adoption
to agencies in India and abroad.
ICCW was instrumental in the formulation of a
comprehensive frame work of standard policies and procedures
for protecting the rights of the abandoned child.
Towards this end State Councils dealing with Adoption have
conducted series of Workshops and on Adoption.
Such interactions have enabled the review of trends in Adoption nationally
and internationally, shared and promoted research and created
networking among all concerned in the Adoption process.
ICCW is actively working on the inadequacies of existing
legislation and the need for a uniform Adoption law.
ICCW is also actively involved in ensuring the rights of adopted
children and the rehabilitation of children with special needs.
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